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Admiral Washing Machine Drain Water Pump 35-2057

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Product Description

Admiral replacement Water Drain Pump for your clothes washing machine. Fix your washer with the Drain Pump assembly kit, includes the two port pump and pulley.


  • 2 Port Pump
  • High Quality Aftermarket Replacement Part Manufactured to Original Specifications - 30 day money back Guarantee.


  • Pulley
  • Pump

Fits Admiral Models: AAV1000AWW, AAV1200AWW, AAV2000AWW, AAV2200AWA, AAV2200AWW, AAV3000AWW, AAV4200AWA, AAV4200AWW, AW20K23A, AW20K23H, AW20K23W, AW20K2A, AW20K2H, AW20K2W, AW20K3A, AW20K3AS, AW20K3H, AW20K3HS, AW20K3W, AW20K3WS, AW20L1A, AW20L1H, AW20L1W, AW20L4A, AW20L4AS, AW20L4H, AW20L4HS, AW20L4W, AW20L4WS, AW20M1A, AW20M1H, AW20M1W, AW20M2V, AW20M3SV, AW20N2V, AW20N3SV, AW25K3A, AW25K3AS, AW25K3H, AW25K3HS, AW25K3W, AW25K3WS, AW25K3WSX, AW26K3A, AW26K3AS, AW26K3H, AW26K3HS, AW26K3W, AW26K3WS, AW26L3AK, AW26L3ASK, AW26L3HK, AW26L3HSK, AW26L3WK, AW26L3WSK, LA2000, LA2000A, LA2000H, LATA100AAE, LATA100AAL, LATA100AAM, LATA100AAW, LATA100AGE, LATA100AJE, LATA100AKE, LATA100ARE, LATA200AAE, LATA200AAL, LATA200AAM, LATA200AAW, LATA200AGE, LATA200AJE, LATA200AJM, LATA300AAE, LATA300AAL, LATA300AAM, LATA300AAW, LATA300AGL, LATA300AGW, LATA400AAE, LATA400AAL, LATA400AAM, LATA400AAW, LATA400AGE, LATA400AKE, LATA400AKL, LATA400ASE, LATA401AGE, LATA401AGM, LATA401AKE, LATA401ARE, LATA500AAE, LATA500AAL, LATA500AAW, LNC6762A01, LNC6762A01, LNC6762A71, LNC6762A71, LNC6762A77, LNC6762A77, LNC6762B01, LNC6762B71, LNC6764A71, LNC6766A00, LNC6766A01, LNC6766A71, LNC6766A77

Replacement Part Numbers: 35-6465, AP4372886, 21001906, 21001732, 21001589, 35-5766, 35-3834, 35-2099, 35-2057

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