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Finding the Correct Replacement Lid for Crock Pots and Slow Cookers

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It can be very difficult to find a replacement lid for your crock pot or slow cooker. As our trusty older crocks get older, lids crack, handles break, and parts even get lost. Marbeck offers replacement handles for those quick fixes here, but we also carry hard to find lids. Measuring the lid is imperative to ensure that the correct lid is ordered, and we are going to walk you through how to find the correct lid.

1. Find the model number of your crock pot. It may be on the front or back, or on the bottom of the pot. 

2. If you have a Hamilton Beach crock pot, click here to see if we have a lid as a direct replacement for your pot.

If you have a Rival crock pot, click here to see if we have a lid listed as a direct replacement for your pot.

For all other slow cooker brands, click here to see if we have a lid listed as a direct replacement for your pot.

If you find your model listed, verify that the sizing is correct.

3. If you do not see your model listed, now is the time to find the precise measurements of the lid. 

a. First, if your lid is oval shaped, measure the length of the longer side (diameter). Remember to find the measurement of the outer lip of the lid. Most lids are measured from the outside rim to the outside rim.

This lid measures 10 - 1/8" long.

b. Next, find the shorter diameter across, or width.

This lid measures 8 - 1/4" across.

The dimensions of this lid are 10 1/8" by 8 1/4". This lid matches up with the lid listed here.

If your lid has a gasket, see the pictures below on how to measure with the seal.

As you can see, the measurement closest to the outside rim of the seal is 11 1/4". 

This lid is approximately 9" wide. 

The dimensions of this lid are 11 1/4" by 9". This lid matches up with the lid listed here. 

c. If your lid is round, measure across from side to side, or the diameter.

d. Search the following lids to find the dimensions that match up to what you measured.

To search the inventory of oval lids by measurements, click here.

To search the inventory of round lids by measurements, click here.

4. Proceed with checkout after finding the correct lid. 

It's simple! Measure lids from across both directions, and take the dimension from the outer lips of the lid. If you don't find a lid that matches to your sizes, we unfortunately may not carry one that will work. If you choose to order a lid, and it doesn't end up working, don't worry! Marbeck has a 30 day return policy where you can simply ship the lid back after notifying us of the problem, and we can process a product refund for you. We at Marbeck hope that this simple guide to measuring lids will help you find the best replacement possible for your beloved crock pot or slow cooker.

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