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5 Years of Special Needs Employment Success

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The parents of special needs children and programs in the larger community correctly focus on educational goals and ultimately independent living opportunities. A volunteer opportunity with a Special Needs Boy Scout Camp fostered education in the potential of special needs adults.  However an honest conversation with special needs adults reveals an even more obvious and logical desire for purpose.

One's purpose in our society is often defined by our job. Regardless of physical or developmental challenges, people have a common desire to contribute. More importantly, as our employees have learned, every special needs person can.

Driven by that original experience, Marbeck proposed a “good deed” project that is designed to provide employment for a team of developmentally challenged adults from Johnson County Developmental Support; a local sheltered workshop. The Marbeck family quickly learned that this wasn't just any ordinary community service project, We soon realized it meant much more for our organization.

Travis, Missy and Jason made an immediate impact on our entire staff. Their effort and positive attitudes became a powerful example in our workplace. Their genuine pride in our firm and the individuals that make up our team contrasts with our own tendencies to take each other for granted far too often.Our JCDS team makes a profit, a word that fits perfectly when special needs employees are treated and trained as teammates rather than a project or charitable endeavor.

Our company operates in a highly competitive environment picking and packing hundreds of thousands of small consumer orders daily. Our JCDS team members often thrive on repetition and driving tasks that many other workers find difficult. Our special needs staff has become an invaluable resource in our efforts to battle some of the largest companies in retail.


Special needs adults have an unemployment rate of up to 70%, even in a good economy. Almost any employer can find a developmentally challenged candidate whose skills matched to their industry or task.

You may be surprised to find that special needs employees often use fewer sick days, show up on time religiously, and don’t text or talk on the phone. Most of all, special needs employees will inspire your staff to reflect on their own abilities even as they gain a new understanding of those who must overcome obvious limitations everyday of their lives.

Call JCDS or your local sheltered work shop to get started

Johnson County Developmental Supports, like most sheltered workshops across the nation, can provide information, training, placement, on-site job coaching, and temp-to- perm opportunities for special needs candidates.

Make an informal visit to to see our team
Give us a call and make a no obligations visit to our headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas to see our special needs associates in action. We’ll provide open and honest answers to any questions or concerns.

Contact-Robert Wheeler at to schedule a visit

Start with a shadowing day or internship option
JCDS has a wide variety of tools to help you take a trial run or simply dedicate a day to helping your employees learn more about special needs employment.

How to make a donation
The Friends of JCDS provide private support allowing many of our local special needs adults to live independently and they would welcome your financial gifts.

Pass along the word today…like us on FACEBOOK
Our goal is to find employment for every special needs adult in our community. Please like us on face book and please ask others to read our story and like us as well. Help us celebrate five years of special needs employment success and help us honor Travis, Missy and Jason.