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Charmglow Venturi tube L Shaped Gas Grill Pair 71112

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Product Description

Replacement venturi tube. Will work with many brands and models of grills.

Fits many Amberlight, Arkla, Arklamatic, Broil-Mate, Charbroil, Charmglow, Embermatic, Hardwick, Kenmore, Olympia, Patio Range, Preway, Sunbeam, and Turco grills.

See full model list below.

Galvanized Steel Dimensions: 7 1/8"; x 4 1/2" 

Gas grill models using L Shaped Venturi tube Pair 71112

  • Arkla Gas Grill Models: GA351517, GA-351517
  • Charmglow Gas Grill Models: 351BC, 422BC, 475EC, GA351517, GC352517, GC412517, GC455517, 351-BC, 422-BC, 475-EC, GA-351517, GC-352517, GC-412517, GC-455517

    Grillmaster Gas Grill Models: AG540E, AG540EB, AG540EP, AG540WB, AT441EPB9, AT540EB, AT540EP9, AT540W, AT540WS, CG441EP9, GG430HWB, GG431H, GG431H9, GG431HB, GG431HB9, GG431HW9, GG441EB, GG441EP, GG441EP9, GG441EPB, GG441EPB9, GG441EPWB, GG441H, GG441H9, GG441HB, GG441HB9, GG441HPB9, GG441HW, GG530EB, GG530EB9, GG530W, GG530W9, GG530WB, GG530WB9, GG540EB, GG540EP, GG540EP9, GG540EPB, GG540EPB9, GG540W, GG540W9, GG540WB, GG540WB9, GG540WPB9, GT431H, GT441EPB, GT441H, GT441HW, GT530W, GT540EPB, GT540EPBC, GT540W, GT540W9, GT540WX9, HG4309H, HG5409EPB, HG540EPB, WG431HW9, WG431HWD, WG441H9, WG541EPB, WG541HPB9, WT431HWD, AG-540E, AG-540EB, AG-540EP, AG-540WB, AT-441EPB9, AT-540EB, AT-540EP9, AT-540W, AT-540WS, CG-441EP9, GG-430HWB, GG-431H, GG-431H9, GG-431HB, GG-431HB9, GG-431HW9, GG-441EB, GG-441EP, GG-441EP9, GG-441EPB, GG-441EPB9, GG-441EPWB, GG-441H, GG-441H9, GG-441HB, GG-441HB9, GG-441HPB9, GG-441HW, GG-530EB, GG-530EB9, GG-530W, GG-530W9, GG-530WB, GG-530WB9, GG-540EB, GG-540EP, GG-540EP9, GG-540EPB, GG-540EPB9, GG-540W, GG-540W9, GG-540WB, GG-540WB9, GG-540WPB9, GT-431H, GT-441EPB, GT-441H, GT-441HW, GT-530W, GT-540EPB, GT-540EPBC, GT-540W, GT-540W9, GT-540WX9, HG-4309H, HG-5409EPB, HG-540EPB, WG-431HW9, WG-431HWD, WG-441H9, WG-541EPB, WG-541HPB9, WT-431HWD

  • Sunbeam Gas Grill Models: 154600, 154610, 24XB2, 24-XB2, 259GM, 259-GM, 301B2, 301-B2, 301B2-1, 301-B2-1, 301-BL, 301-BL, 301-BL-1, 301-BL-1, 302B3, 302-B3, 302B3-1, 302-B3-1, 303BX, 303-BX, 30XB2, 30-XB2, 3515040.1, 351A1, 351-A1, 351BL, 351-BL, 351BL-1, 351-BL-1, 351CX, 351-CX, 352B5, 352-B5, 352C5, 352-C5, 353B2, 353-B2, 356B1, 356-B1, 356E1, 356-E1, 35GC8, 35-GC8, 35XA1, 35-XA1, 35XA3, 35-XA3, 35XB2, 35-XB2, 35XE4, 35-XE4, 36XA2, 36-XA2, 401B1, 401-B1, 401B5, 401-B5, 401D5, 401-D5, 401E5, 401-E5, 401E6, 401-E6, 401E7, 401-E7, 401E8, 401-E8, 405DM, 405-DM, 406EL, 406-EL, 40GE7, 40-GE7, 40XE2, 40-XE2, 40XE3, 40-XE3, 40XE4, 40-XE4, 40XE5, 40-XE5, 40XE6, 40-XE6, 40XR7, 40-XR7, 422B5, 422-B5, 422B7, 422-B7, 422B7-1, 422-B7-1, 422C1, 422-C1, 422C1-1, 422-C1-1, 422EL, 422-EL, 4232C-1, 4232-C-1, 441D1, 441-D1, 441D1-1, 441-D1-1, 442B1, 442-B1, 442B5, 442-B5, 442E1, 442-E1, 442E5, 442-E5, 472C5, 472-C5, 472C7, 472-C7, 472C7-1, 472-C7-1, 474BL, 474-BL, 474D1, 474-D1, 474D1-1, 474-D1-1, 475E7, 475-E7, 476C3, 476-C3, 47GD7, 47-GD7, 47GD7-1, 47-GD7-1, 47XB2, 47-XB2, 47XC5, 47-XC5, 47XE3, 47-XE3, 47XE4, 47-XE4, 47XE7, 47-XE7, 523C7, 523-C7, 523CL, 523-CL, 523E7, 523-E7, 523E8, 523-E8, 52GC6, 52-GC6, 52XC7, 52-XC7, 52XE2, 52-XE3, 52XE3, 52-XE7, 52XE7, 561, 562D1, 562-D1, 562D1-1, 562-D1-1, 562D9, 562-D9, 563BL, 563-BL, 563BL-1, 563-BL-1, 565D3, 565-D3, 565D7-1, 565-D7-1, 567D7, 567-D7, 56GR1, 56-GR1, 56GR8, 56-GR8, 56XR8, 56-XR8, 851131, 851132, 851133, 851134, AG540E, AG-540E, AG540EB, AG-540EB, AG540EP, AG-540EP, AG540WB, AG-540WB, AG560EP, AT441EPB9, AT-441EPB9, AT451EP9, AT-451EP9, AT461EP9, AT-461EP9, AT485EP9, AT-485EP9, AT540EB, AT-540EB, AT540EP9, AT-540EP9, AT540W, AT-540W, AT540WS, AT-540WS, AT550E, AT-550E, AT550EP9, AT-550EP9, AT550EPB9, AT-550EPB9, AT550W9, AT-550W9, AT555EP9, AT-555EP9, AT555EPB9, AT-555EPB9, AT570EPB9, AT-570EPB9, CG-441EP9, CG-441EP9, CG-555EP9, CG555EP9, CG-555EPB9, CG555EPB9, EG5302RP, EG-5302RP, EG5402RPB, EG-5402RPB, FG3302W, FG-3302W, GG406117, GG-406117, GG406517, GG-406517, GG406527, GG-406527, GG406617, GG-406617, GG406827, GG-406827, GG430HWB, GG-430HWB, GG431H, GG-431H, GG431H9, GG-431H9, GG431HB, GG-431HB, GG431HB9, GG-431HB9, GG431HW9, GG-431HW9, GG441EB, GG-441EB, GG441EP, GG-441EP, GG441EP9, GG-441EP9, GG441EPB, GG-441EPB, GG441EPB9, GG-441EPB9, GG441EPWB, GG-441EPWB, GG441H, GG-441H, GG441H9, GG-441H9, GG441HB, GG-441HB, GG441HB9, GG-441HB9, GG441HPB9, GG-441HPB9, GG441HW, GG-441HW, GG446517, GG-446517, GG446527, GG-446527, GG446717, GG-446717, GG450EPWB, GG-450EPWB, GG450HPW, GG-450HPW, GG451EP, GG-451EP, GG451EP9, GG-451EP9, GG451EPB, GG-451EPB, GG451EPB9, GG-451EPB9, GG451HP9, GG-451HP9, GG451HPB9, GG-451HPB9, GG455EP9, GG-455EP9, GG455HP, GG-455HP, GG461EP9, GG-461EP9, GG461EPB9, GG-461EPB9, GG461EPS, GG-461EPS, GG461HP9, GG-461HP9, GG461HPB9, GG-461HPB9, GG481EP9, GG-481EP9, GG481EPB9, GG-481EPB9, GG485EP9, GG-485EP9, GG485EPB9, GG-485EPB9, GG506117, GG-506117, GG506217, GG-506217, GG506317, GG-506317, GG506417, GG-506417, GG506517, GG-506517, GG506527, GG-506527, GG506617, GG-506617, GG506627, GG-506627, GG530EB, GG-530EB, GG530EB9, GG-530EB9, GG530W, GG-530W, GG530W9, GG-530W9, GG530WB, GG-530WB, GG530WB9, GG-530WB9, GG540EB, GG-540EB, GG540EP, GG-540EP, GG540EP9, GG-540EP9, GG540EPB, GG-540EPB, GG540EPB9, GG-540EPB9, GG540W, GG-540W, GG540W9, GG-540W9, GG540WB, GG-540WB, GG540WB9, GG-540WB9, GG540WPB9, GG-540WPB9, GG546117, GG-546117, GG546217, GG-546217, GG546517, GG-546517, GG546537, GG-546537, GG546617, GG-546617, GG546627, GG-546627, GG550E, GG-550E, GG550EB, GG-550EB, GG550EP9, GG-550EP9, GG550EPB9, GG-550EPB9, GG550EPBS, GG-550EPBS, GG550EPBX9, GG-550EPBX9, GG550WP9, GG-550WP9, GG550WPB9, GG-550WPB9, GG555E, GG-555E, GG555EP9, GG-555EP9, GG555EPB9, GG-555EPB9, GG555WP9, GG-555WP9, GG555WPB9, GG-555WPB9, GG556EP9, GG-556EP9, GG556EPB9, GG-556EPB9, GG556HP9, GG-556HP9, GG556HPB9, GG-556HPB9, GG560EP9, GG-560EP9, GG560EPB9, GG-560EPB9, GG560WP9, GG-560WP9, GG560WPB9, GG-560WPB9, GG570EP9, GG-570EP9, GG570EPB9, GG-570EPB9, GG575EP9, GG-575EP9, GG575EPB9, GG-575EPB9, GG580EP9, GG-580EP9, GG580EPB9, GG-580EPB9, GG585EP9, GG-585EP9, GG585EPB9, GG-585EPB9, GL302517, GL-302517, GL352317, GL-352317, GL405417, GL-405417, GL415417, GL-415417, GL454517, GL-454517, GL506417, GL-506417, GL542417, GL-542417, GN451EP9, GN-451EP9, GN550EP9, GN-550EP9, GN555EP9, GN-555EP9, GN556EP9, GN-556EP9, GN556HPB9, GN-556HPB9, GS241227, GS-241227, GS302217, GS-302217, GS302317, GS-302317, GS302617, GS-302617, GS302627, GS-302627, GS302817, GS-302817, GS307617, GS-307617, GS351427, GS-351427, GS352227, GS-352227, GS352327, GS-352327, GS352417, GS-352417, GS352517, GS-352517, GS352527, GS-352527, GS352627, GS-352627, GS355517, GS-355517, GS355617, GS-355617, GS357427, GS-357427, GS357517, GS-357517, GS357527, GS-357527, GS357917, GS-357917, GS359517, GS-359517, GS359527, GS-359527, GS359617, GS-359617, GS404217, GS-404217, GS405227, GS-405227, GS405317, GS-405317, GS405427, GS-405427, GS405517, GS-405517, GS405627, GS-405627, GS405717, GS-405717, GS407517, GS-407517, GS407717, GS-407717, GS412217, GS-412217, GS412227, GS-412227, GS412517, GS-412517, GS412627, GS-412627, GS412717, GS-412717, GS413517, GS-413517, GS417517, GS-417517, GS417527, GS-417527, GS417917, GS-417917, GS442517, GS-442517, GS447117, GS-447117, GS447417, GS-447417, GS447517, GS-447517, GS452227, GS-452227, GS452617, GS-452617, GS452617L, GS-452617L, GS454517, GS-454517, GS454517L, GS-454517L, GS454617, GS-454617, GS454627, GS-454627, GS454717, GS-454717, GS454817, GS-454817, GS455427, GS-455427, GS455517, GS-455517, GS455517L, GS-455517L, GS455517M, GS-455517M, GS457417, GS-457417, GS457517, GS-457517, GS457717, GS-457717, GS504217, GS-504217, GS504227, GS-504227, GS504517, GS-504517, GS507117, GS-507117, GS507217, GS-507217, GS507517, GS-507517, GS507717, GS-507717, GS507717L, GS-507717L, GS507717M, GS-507717M, GS507727, GS-507727, GS544417, GS-544417, GS544517, GS-544517, GS544717, GS-544717, GS544817, GS-544817, GS544817L, GS-544817L, GS546517, GS-546517, GS547117, GS-547117, GS547217, GS-547217, GS547517, GS-547517, GS547527, GS-547527, GT431H, GT-431H, GT441EPB, GT-441EPB, GT441H, GT-441H, GT441HW, GT-441HW, GT455HP, GT-455HP, GT530W, GT-530W, GT540EPB, GT-540EPB, GT540EPBC, GT-540EPBC, GT540W, GT-540W, GT540W9, GT-540W9, GT-540WX9, GT-540WX9, GT550EPBS, GT-550EPBS, GT555E, GT-555E, GT555EP9, GT-555EP9, GT555EPB9, GT-555EPB9, GT555WP9, GT-555WP9, HG4309H, HG-4309H, HG4310H, HG-4310H, HG5400EPB, HG-5400EPB, HG5409EPB, HG-5409EPB, HG540EPB, HG-540EPB, KG5300EP, KG-5300EP, KG5300EP-1, KG-5300EP-1, KG6420EPB, KG-6420EPB, SG3300H, SG-3300H, SG3300HB, SG-3300HB, SG3302WB, SG-3302WB, SG3400EB, SG-3400EB, SG3400HB, SG-3400HB, SG3400HPB, SG-3400HPB, SG3401, SG-3401, SG3401HB, SG-3401HB, SG3401WB, SG-3401WB, SG3401WP, SG-3401WP, SG3402R, SG-3402R, SG3402RB, SG-3402RB, SG3402WB, SG-3402WB, SG4310HB, SG-4310HB, SG4310HW, SG-4310HW, SG4410H, SG-4410H, SG5301W, SG-5301W, SG5302W, SG-5302W, SG5400EPB, SG-5400EPB, SG5402R, SG-5402R, SG5402RB, SG-5402RB, SG6401R, SG-6401R, SG6420EP, SG-6420EP, SG6420EPB, SG-6420EPB, ST3300H, ST-3300H, ST3301WB, ST-3301WB, ST3302WB, ST-3302WB, ST3400EB, ST-3400EB, ST3402WB, ST-3402WB, ST4300HWC

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