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  • Crosley CDE6000W Dryer Thermal Fuse and Thermostat Kit

Crosley CDE6000W Dryer Thermal Fuse and Thermostat Kit

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Product Description

Replacing a blown or damaged thermal fuse is simple with this repair kit made to fit the select Crosley dryer models listed below.  It contains a thermal fuse, used both on gas and electric dryers, as well as a thermostat for gas models and a thermostat for electric models. It's important to change the high limit thermostat along with the dryer thermal fuse. 


  • Includes 1 thermal fuse replacement kit:
    • 1 thermal fuse - 53-1182
    • 1 high limit thermostat - for electric models, 53-0771
    • 1 high limit thermostat - for gas models, 53-1096
    • Information sheet
  • May also be known as a high limit kit
  • For replacing thermal fuse properly on electric or gas model dryer 
  • Aftermarket, made to work with Crosley dryers listed 

Fits Crosley Models: CDE20P6A, CDE20P6AC, CDE20P6HC, CDE20P6W, CDE20P6WC, CDE20P7AC, CDE20P7WC, CDE20P8A, CDE20P8AC, CDE20P8D, CDE20P8DC, CDE20P8H, CDE20P8HC, CDE20P8W, CDE20P8WC, CDE20R7AC, CDE20R7WC, CDE20T6AC, CDE20T6WC, CDE20T7A, CDE20T7AC, CDE20T7W, CDE20T7WC, CDE20T8A, CDE20T8V, CDE20T8VC, CDE20T8W, CDE22B6M, CDE22B6MC, CDE22B6V, CDE22B6VC, CDE22B7M, CDE22B7V, CDE22B7VC, CDE22B8M, CDE22B8V, CDE22B8VC, CDE25P6A, CDE25P6W, CDE26P6AK, CDE26P6WK, CDE6000A, CDE6000AZW, CDE6000W, CDE6500AZW, CDE6500Q, CDE6500W, CDE7000W, CDE7500AZW, CDE7500Q, CDE7500W, CDE8000A, CDE8000AZW, CDE8000W, CDE8500AZW, CDE8500W, CDG20C7, CDG20C7A, CDG20C7H, CDG20M6, CDG20M6A, CDG20M6H, CDG20M8, CDG20M8A, CDG20P6A, CDG20P6AC, CDG20P6HC, CDG20P6W, CDG20P6WC, CDG20P7A, CDG20P7AC, CDG20P7W, CDG20P7WC, CDG20P8A, CDG20P8AC, CDG20P8D, CDG20P8DC, CDG20P8HC, CDG20P8W, CDG20P8WC, CDG20R7A, CDG20R7AC, CDG20R7H, CDG20R7W, CDG20R7WC, CDG20T6A, CDG20T6W, CDG20T7A, CDG20T7W, CDG20T8A, CDG20T8V, CDG20T8W, CDG22B6M, CDG22B6V, CDG22B7M, CDG22B7V, CDG22B8M, CDG22B8V, CDG6000A, CDG6000Q, CDG6000W, CDG6500Q, CDG6500W, CDG7000W, CDG7500Q, CDG7500W, CDG8000A, CDG8000W, CDG8500W

Replaces Part Numbers: LA-1053, LA1053, ET405, ET403, 53-0771, 53-1182, 53-1096, 53-1526, 53-1133, 53-0261, 53-0170, 53-0143, 53-1459, 53-1459, 53-1037, 53-0306, SET405, NPLA1053, TJ90SET405, AP4242472, AP4503104, AP4056436, AP4055834, AP4056527

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