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  • Cub Cadet 13AX11CH756, 13AP11CP756 Lawn Mower Right Hand Drag Link

Cub Cadet 13AX11CH756 Lawn Mower Right Hand Drag Link

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Product Description

This right hand drag link will fit in the many models of Cub Cadet lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers listed below, including popular models 13AX11CH756 and 13AP11CP756. Please use the part number to confirm fit.


  • Includes 1 drag link
  • Right handed
  • Genuine MTD replacement lawn part for Cub Cadet tractors

Fits Cub Cadet mowers:

 1170 S/N 1H019H - 1H310H, 13AD608G101, 13BD608G101
 1170 S/N 1I010H - 1H311H, 13CD608G101
 1170 S/N 1I011H-, 13CD608G101
 1180 S/N 1H019H - 1H310H, 13AT608H101
 1180 S/N 1I010H-, 13AT608H101
 1212 S/N 1H019H - 1H310H, 14AJ808H101
 1212 S/N 1I010H-, 14AJ808H101
 1515, 13A-201F100
 1517, 13A-231G100
 1525, 13A-221F100
 1527, 13A-241G100
 1529, 13A-261H100
 1600, 13AE608G101
 1800, 13AK608H101
 GT1222 Tractor, 14AB13CH710
 GT1554 Tractor Command Engine (14AK13CK) S/N 1K015 & Before, 14AK13CK709, 14AK13CK710
 GT1554 Tractor Courage Engine (14AK13BK) S/N 1K017 & after, 14AK13BK010, 14AK13BK056, 14AK13BK256, 14AK13BK009
 GT1554 Tractor Courage Engine (14AK13CK), 14AK13CK010
 GT1554 Tractor Courage or Command Engine (14AK13BK) S/N 1K015 - 1K017, 14AK13BK709, 14AK13BK710, 14AK13BK756, 14RK13BK756
 GT1554VT Tractor, 14VR13CK010, 14VR13CK009
 LT1018 Tractor, 13AL11CG710, 13AB11CG712, 13AB11CG710, 13AX11CG710 LT1018, 13AX11CG712 LT1018, 13AL11CG712
 LT1022 Tractor, 13AB11CH710, 13AB11CH712
 LT1024 Tractor, 13AR11CP712, 13AR11CP710
 LT1040 Tractor, 13AX10CG710, 13AX10CG709, 13BX10CG710
 LT1042 Tractor , 13BX11CG710, 13BX11CG709, 13BX11CG712, 13AX11CG710 LT1042, 13AX11CG756, 13AX11CG709 LT1042
 LT1042 Tractor , 13AX11CG010
 LT1045 Tractor , 13AX11CH710, 13AX11CH712, 13AX11CH709, 13AX11CH756, 13BP11CH710, 13BP11CH709, 13BP11CH756, 13RX11CH756
 LT1045 Tractor , 13AX11CH009, 13AX11CH010, 13RX11CH056, 13RX11CH256, 13AX11CH056, 13AX11CH256
 LT1046 Tractor , 13AP11CH710, 13AP11CH709
 LT1046 Tractor , 13AP11CH010
 LT1050 Tractor , 13AQ11CP709, 13AQ11CP712, 13AQ11CP710, 13AP11CP710, 13AP11CP709, 13AP11CP756, 13RP11CP756
 LT1050 Tractor , 13AQ11CP009, 13AQ11CP010, 13RQ11CP056, 13RQ11CP256, 13AQ11CP056, 13AQ11CP256
 SLT1550 Tractor , 13AQ11BP756, 13AQ11BP710, 13RQ11BP756
 SLT1550 Tractor , 13AQ11BP010
 SLT1554 Tractor Command Engine, 13AK11CK709, 13AK11CK710, 13AK11CK712
13AK11BK709, 13AK11BK710
13AK11BK009, 13AK11BK010

Part Number: 711-1408

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