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ER3406105 replacement Roper Dryer Door Switch

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Product Description

ER3406105 replacement Roper Dryer Door Switch


  • Generic part made to fit a variety of make and models  
  • Please refer to part numbers  and models listed to determine fit for your dryer
  • Includes: Wire harness and plug
  • 1/3 HP, 11A, 120-240V 50-60Hz

Replaces part numbers: 3406105, 3405104, 3405105, 3406104, 528947, ER3406105, AH346703, EA346703, PS346703, AP2976041

Fits Roper models: 7MRGX4634MQ0, 7MRGX4634MQ1, RED4300SQ0, RED4300TQ0, RED4340SQ0, RED4340SQ1, REX3614JW0, REX3614KW0, REX3614KW1, REX3614KW2, REX3614PW0, REX3614PW2, REX3615EW0, REX3615EW1, REX3615EW2, REX4625EN0, REX4625EW0, REX4625EW1, REX4625EW2, REX4634JQ0, REX4634KQ0, REX4634KQ1, REX4634KQ2, REX4635EN0, REX4635EN1, REX4635EN2, REX4635EQ0, REX4635EQ1, REX4635EQ2, REX4635EW0, REX4635EW1, REX4635EW2, REX5634JQ0, REX5634KQ0, REX5634KQ1, REX5634KQ2, REX5634PQ0, REX5634PQ1, REX5634RQ0, REX5635EN0, REX5635EN1, REX5635EN2, REX5635EQ0, REX5635EQ1, REX5635EQ2, REX5635EW0, REX5635EW1, REX5635EW2, REX6634PQ0, REX6634RQ0, REX6634RQ1, RGD4300SQ0, RGD4300TQ0, RGD4340SQ0, RGD4340SQ1, RGX3615EW0, RGX4624EN0, RGX4625EN0, RGX4625EW0, RGX4625EW1, RGX4625EW2, RGX4625EW3, RGX4634JQ0, RGX4634KQ1, RGX4634KQ2, RGX4634KQ3, RGX4635EN0, RGX4635EN1, RGX4635EN2, RGX4635EN3, RGX4635EQ0, RGX4635EQ1, RGX4635EQ2, RGX4635EQ3, RGX4635EW0, RGX4635EW1, RGX4635EW2, RGX4635EW3, RGX5634JQ0, RGX5634JQ1, RGX5634KQ1, RGX5634KQ2, RGX5634KQ3, RGX5634PQ0, RGX5635EN0, RGX5635EN1, RGX5635EN2, RGX5635EN3, RGX5635EQ0, RGX5635EQ1, RGX5635EQ2, RGX5635EQ3, RGX5635EW0, RGX5635EW1, RGX5635EW2, RGX5635EW3, RGX6634PQ0, RGX6634RQ0, RGX6634RQ1, YRED4300SQ0, YRED4300TQ0, YRED4340SQ0, YRED4340SQ2, YREX3614KW1, YREX4634KQ0, YREX4634KQ1, YREX4634KQ2, YREX5634PQ0, YREX6634RQ0, YREX6634RQ1

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