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  • MTD 948-0389 Lawn Mower Cap

MTD 948-0389 Lawn Mower Steering Washer Cap

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Product Description

Use this lawn mower washer between the tractor steering shaft, steering shaft bearing, and the pan screw. It will fit in a variety of MTD lawn tractor models. Please use part numbers and model numbers listed to verify fit.


  • Measures: 1.25" x .16"
  • Genuine MTD Replacement Cap

Fits MTD Lawn Mower Models: 136G679H023, 136G690G747, 136G765N054, 136L660F062, 136L660F302, 136L660F352, 136L660F372, 136L660G129, 136L660G134, 136L660G205, 136L661F336, 136L670F033, 136L670F733, 136L673F382, 136L675F720, 136L677F141, 136M660G062, 136M660G129, 136M660G353, 136M660G729, 136M667F118, 136M667F718, 136M670G134, 136M670G147, 136M673G033, 136M673G733, 136M675G023, 136M675G087, 136M675G192, 136M678G084, 136M679G192, 136O675G062, 136O675H302, 136O695G129, 136O695G134, 136O695H352, 136P695H352, 136Q695G118, 136Q695H352, 136S675G141, 13A1760F700, 13A1762F700, 13A3760F700, 13A3761G700, 13A3762F700, 13A3771G700, 13A3791G700, 13A6698H033, 13A7688G300, 13AC650F000, 13AC650F700, 13AD685G000, 13AD685G700, 13AD688G300, 13AD688G722, 13AD695G000, 13AD695G700, 13AD698G300, 13AD698G722, 13AF685G700, 13AF688G722, 13AF695G700, 13AF698G722, 13AG675G033, 13AG675G733, 13AG688H300, 13AG688H722, 13AH660F382, 13AJ688G722, 13AJ698G300, 13AJ698G722, 13AJ771G004, 13AJ771G204, 13AJ795G004, 13AJ795G204, 13AL771H004, 13AL795H004, 13AM673G033, 13AM673G733, 13AM675G382, 13AM772F000, 13AM772F700, 13AN673G033, 13AN693G118, 13AN695G382, 13AN698G033, 13AN772G000, 13AN772G200, 13AN772G700, 13AS698G033, 13BH660F033, 14AK825H033, 14AS825H033, 14AU848H300, 165M695G352, 31AO791G718

Part Numbers: 948-0389, 748-0389

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