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Norelco Electric Shaver Power Cord 74-C20

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Product Description

Replacement shaver cord fits many Norelco razor models, including: 200SC, 242LC, 282XL, 300SX, 400DX, 482XL, 484XL, 486XL, 500RL.

Also fits many Norelco series of razors including 700 series, 800 series, 900 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, and some 5000 series (fits 5000 series EXCLUDING Norelco Advantage wet-dry electric razors).

2-Prong, Coiled Cord

Replacement Part Numbers: 74-C20, CO-SHV

Fits Norelco Shaver and Beard Trimmer Models:
Norelco 200SC
Norelco 242LC
Norelco 282XL
Norelco 300SX
Norelco 3405LC
Norelco 3605X
Norelco 3805XL
Norelco 400DX
Norelco 4401LC
Norelco 4401LC/A
Norelco 4417LC
Norelco 4417LC/44
Norelco 4601X
Norelco 4604X
Norelco 4605X
Norelco 4805XL
Norelco 4805XL/A
Norelco 4816XL
Norelco 4821XL/A
Norelco 4825XL/A
Norelco 482XL
Norelco 4845XL
Norelco 484XL
Norelco 4865XL/A
Norelco 486XL
Norelco 4885XL/A
Norelco 505RL
Norelco 5426LC
Norelco 5601X
Norelco 5602X
Norelco 5603X
Norelco 5603X/44
Norelco 5604X
Norelco 5605X
Norelco 5606X
Norelco 5625X
Norelco 5699XL
Norelco 5801XL
Norelco 5801XL/A
Norelco 5802XL
Norelco 5802XL/43
Norelco 5803XL
Norelco 5810XL
Norelco 5811XL
Norelco 5811XL/A
Norelco 5812XL
Norelco 5814XL
Norelco 5817XL
Norelco 5818XL
Norelco 5821XL
Norelco 5821XL/A
Norelco 5822XL
Norelco 5825XL
Norelco 5841XL
Norelco 5841XL/A
Norelco 5842XL
Norelco 5845XL
Norelco 5845XL/A
Norelco 5848XL
Norelco 5848XL/A
Norelco 5849XL
Norelco 5855XL
Norelco 5861XL
Norelco 5861XL/A
Norelco 5862XL
Norelco 5863XL
Norelco 5864XL
Norelco 5865XL
Norelco 5865XL/A
Norelco 5867XL
Norelco 5885XL
Norelco 5885XL/A
Norelco 5886XL
Norelco 5887XL
Norelco 6423LC
Norelco 6424LC
Norelco 6424LC/43
Norelco 6613X
Norelco 6615X/40
Norelco 6616X
Norelco 6616X/40
Norelco 6617X
Norelco 6618X
Norelco 6618X/40
Norelco 6843XL
Norelco 6844XL
Norelco 6844XL/40
Norelco 6853XL
Norelco 6856XL
Norelco 6856XL/40
Norelco 6863XL
Norelco 6940LC
Norelco 6945XL/41
Norelco 710RL
Norelco 715RL
Norelco 725RL
Norelco 750RL
Norelco 805RX
Norelco 815RX
Norelco 825RX
Norelco 835RX
Norelco 885RX
Norelco 915RX
Norelco 950RX
Norelco 955RX
Norelco 985RX
Norelco HQ4821/43
Norelco HQ483
Norelco HQ5601/43
Norelco HQ5811/43
Norelco HQ5812/43
Norelco HQ5841/43
Norelco HQ5848/16
Norelco HQ5861/43
Norelco HQ6613
Norelco HQ6616/43
Norelco HQ6675/33
Norelco HQ6843/43
Norelco HQ6970/33
Norelco T1000
Norelco T2000
Norelco T3000
Norelco T7500
Norelco T800
Norelco T860
Norelco T900
Norelco T960

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