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Norelco, Spectra Shaver Head Blade Sharpening System by Vollco

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Product Description

Norelco Shaver Sharpening Heads to keep the cutting blade on your shaver as sharp as the day it was purchased!


  • Extends the life of the shaver blades
  • Reusable - use over and over again to keep the blades sharp
  • Easy to use and instructions are included
  • Offers HUGE savings over buying replacement blades
  • Environmentally Friendly - Renew, Recycle, and Reuse
  • Sharpens blades in just 3-5 seconds
  • Manufactured by Vollco - The Rotary Shaver Saver

Replacement Part Number: VSH-2

Fits Norelco Models:

Advantage Series: 5601X, 5601XL, 5602X, 5602XD, 5602XL, 5603X, 5603XD, 5604X, 5604XL, 5605X, 5605XL, 5606X, 5615X, 5615XLD, 5616X, 561X, 5655X, 5669X, 5669XL, 5699X, 5699XL

Reflex Action and Reflex Plus Series: 5801XL, 5802XL, 5803XL, 581OXL, 5811XL, 5814XL, 5817XL, 5818XL, 5821XL, 5822XL, 5825XL, 5841XL, 5842XL, 5845XL, 5848XL, 5849XL, 5855XL, 5861XL, 5862XL, 5863XL, 5864XL, 5865XL, 5867XL, 5885XL, 5885XLD, 5886XL, 5886XLD, 5887XL, Q ONE, 6423LC, 6424LC, 6613X, 6614X, 6614XL, 6615X, 6615XL, 6616X, 6617X, 6617XL, 6618X, 6618XD, 6618XL

Cool Skin Series: 6701X, 6705X, 6706X, 6709X, 6711X, 6716X, 6735X, 6737X, 6756X

Quadra Action 6 and 7 Series: 6825XL, 6826XL, 6828XL, 6829XL, 6843XL, 6844XL, 6845XL, 6846XL, 6848XL, 6853XL, 6854XL, 6856L, 6856XL, 6863XL, 6865XL, 6866XL, 6867XL, 6885XL, 6886XL, 6886XLD, 6887XL, 6890XL, 6891XL, 6891XLD, 6900, 6940LC, 7110X, 7110XL, 7115X, 7115XL, 7120X, 7120XL, 7140XL, 7145XL, 7160XL, 7180XL, 7183XL, 7240XL, 7250XL, 7260XL, 7300XL, 7310XL, 7315XL, 7325XL, 7340XL, 7345XL, 7350XL, 7363, 7380XL, 7610X, 7616X, 7616XL, 7617X, 7617XL, 7800XL, 7800XLCC, 7810XL, 7812XL, 7815XL, 7825XL, 7845XL, 7864XL, 7865XL, 7866XL, 7867XL, 7885XL, 7886XL

Spectra Series: 8821XL, 8825XL, 8831XL, 8845XL, 8846XL, 8865XL, 8867XL, 8880XL, 8881XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, 8892XL, 8894XL, 8895XL

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  1. Norelco Shaver Head Blade Sharpening System 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2012

    I always have had to pay the inflated prices to replace the Norelco shaver blades when they became dull in the past. This is the first time that I have used the Shaver Sharpening Heads by Vollco. It took only 5 seconds and brought my blade sharpness back to "like new" condition. It's amazingly simple and effective!