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Rinse Aid Cap 3378134 for Roper Dishwashers

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Dish washer repair part for Roper Dishwasher models. This dishwasher rinse aid cap is a genuine Whirlpool replacement part and does NOT require the O-ring seal like the older dishwasher rinse aid cap. Replaces part numbers, 3378134, 3369512, 3369200, 3369155, and AP3044709.


  • Replacement rinse aid cap
  • Genuine Whirlpool part

Fits Roper Models: RUD1000DB0, RUD1000DB1, RUD1000DB2, RUD1000DB3, RUD1000DB4, RUD1000HB0, RUD1000HB1, RUD1000KB0, RUD1000KB1, RUD1000KB3, RUD3000DB0, RUD3000DB1, RUD3000DB2, RUD3000DB3, RUD3000DQ0, RUD3000DQ1, RUD3000DQ3, RUD3000GB0, RUD3000GB1, RUD3000GQ0, RUD3000GQ1, RUD3000HB0, RUD3000HB1, RUD3000HQ0, RUD3000HQ1, RUD3000KB0, RUD3000KB1, RUD3000KQ0, RUD3000KQ1, RUD3006DB0, RUD3006DB1, RUD3006DB2, RUD3006DB3, RUD4000MB0, RUD4000MB2, RUD4000MQ0, RUD4000MQ2, RUD4000MU0, RUD4000MU1, RUD4000MU2, RUD4000SB0, RUD4000SB1, RUD4000SQ0, RUD4000SQ1, RUD4000SU0, RUD4300DQ2, RUD4300DQ3, RUD4500DB0, RUD4500DB1, RUD4500DB2, RUD4500DB3, RUD4500DB4, RUD4500MB0, RUD4500MB2, RUD4500MQ0, RUD4500MQ2, RUD5000HB0, RUD5000HB1, RUD5000HQ0, RUD5000HQ1, RUD5000KB0, RUD5000KB1, RUD5000KQ0, RUD5000KQ1, RUD5750DB0, RUD5750DB1, RUD5750DB2, RUD5750DB3, RUD5750DB4, RUD5750DQ0, RUD5750DQ1, RUD5750DQ2, RUD5750DQ3, RUD5750DQ4, RUD5750HB0, RUD5750HQ0, RUD5750KB0, RUD5750KB1, RUD5750KQ0, RUD5750KQ1, RUD6000PB2, RUD6000PQ2, RUD6050RD2, WU1000X0, WU1000X1, WU1000X4, WU1000X5, WU1000X6, WU1000X7, WU1000X8, WU1000Y0, WU1000Y1, WU3000X0, WU3000X1, WU3000X2, WU3000X3, WU3000X4, WU3000X5, WU3000X6, WU3000Y0, WU3000Y1, WU3006X0, WU3006X1, WU3006X2, WU3006X3, WU3006X4, WU3006X5, WU3006X6, WU3006Y0, WU3006Y1, WU300X2, WU3050Y0, WU3050Y1, WU3056Y0, WU3056Y1, WU4300B0, WU4300B1, WU4300Y0, WU4300Y1, WU4300Y2, WU4300Y3, WU4300Y4, WU4400X0, WU4400X1, WU4400X2, WU4500B0, WU4500B1, WU4500Y0, WU4500Y1, WU4500Y2, WU4500Y3, WU5650X0, WU5650X1, WU5650X2, WU5750B0, WU5750B1, WU5750Y0, WU5750Y1, WU5750Y2, WU5750Y3, WU5755B0, WU5755B1

Replacement Part Number: 3378134, 3369512, 3369200, 3369155, AP3044709

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