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Universal Grill Replacment Burner 15902

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Product Description


  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • Also Called Pipe Burners or Tube Burners

Measures: 21-1/2 “ x 8”

Replacement Part Number: 15902

Fits Coleman Models: AG30610EB, HG3061EB, LG20510E, LG20510EB, LG30610EB, LG30611E, LG39611SB, LT200-GGB, LT2051E, LT30610EB, 2000, 3000, , HG30610EB, LG200-EDB, LT20510EB, LT2051E, LT30610EB, LT30611E, AG-30610-EB, HG-3061EB, LG-20510E, LG-20510EB, LG-30610EB, LG-30611E, LG-39611SB, LT-200GGB, LT-2051E, LT-30610EB, HG-30610EB, , LG-200EDB, LT-20510EB, LT-2051E, LT30610EB, LT-30611E

Replaces Coleman Part Number: 10030-5611, 100305611, SBT21

Fits Grill Master Models: BG4622YPB, BG6522RPB, BN6522RPB, EG6522RPB, FG9622YPB, HG6622SP, HG7501EPB, HG7522RPB, HG7620SPB, HG7621YPB, HG7622YPB, HN7501EPB, HN7522RPB, RG6622YPB, SG4610HP, SG5501EPB, SG5502RPBM, SG5522RP, SG5522RPB, SG5600SPB, SG5622RP, SG6501, SG6501EP, SG6501EPB, SG6501YPB, SG6522RP, SG6522RPB, SG6622RP, SG6622RPB, SG7520EPB, SG7520SP, SG7522RP, SG7522RPB, SG7620EPB, SG7620SP, SG7620SPB, SG7621YPB, SG7622RP, SG7622RPB, SG9622YP, SG9622YPB, SK7620SPB, ST5501EPB, ST6522RP, ST6522RPB, ST6601YPB, ST7520EPB, ST7520SP, ST7521E, ST7521YPB, ST7522RPB, ST9622SPBX, WG6522RPB, WG7622WP, BG-4622-YPB, BG-6522-RPB, BN-6522RPB, EG-6522RPB, FG-9622YPB, HG-6622SP, HG-7501EPB, HG-7522RPB, HG-7620SPB, HG-7621YPB, HG-7622YPB, HN-7501EPB, HN-7522RPB, RG-6622YPB, SG-4610HP, SG-5501EPB, SG-5502RPBM, SG-5522RP, SG-5522RPB, SG-5600SPB, SG-5622RP, SG-6501, SG-6501EP, SG-6501EPB, SG-6501YPB, SG-6522RP, SG-6522RPB, SG-6622RP, SG-6622RPB, SG-7520EPB, SG-7520SP, SG-7522RP, SG-7522RPB, SG-7620EPB, SG-7620SP, SG-7620SPB, SG-7621YPB, SG-7622RP, SG-7622RPB, SG-9622YP, SG-9622YPB, SK-7620SPB, ST-5501EPB, ST-6522RP, ST-6522RPB, ST-6601YPB, ST-7520EPB, ST-7520SP, ST-7521E, ST-7521YPB, ST-7522RPB, ST-9622SPBX, WG-6522RPB, WG-7622WP

Sunbeam Models: HG4610EP, HG6601SP, HG7501EPB, HG7620SPB, HG7621YPB, HN4610EP, HN7501EPB, MG5502RPB, SG3500HPB, SG3501, SG4501WP, SG4510HP, SG4610HP, SG5500EP, SG5500EPB, SG5501EP, SG5501EPB, SG5502RP, SG5502RPB, SG5600EP, SG5600EPB, SG5600SPB, SG6501, SG6501EP, SG6501EPB, SG6502RP, SG6502RPB, SG6520EP, SG6520EPB, SG6601SPB, SG6601SPBX, SG7520EPB, SG7521EP, SG7521YPB, SG7620EPB, SG7620SP, SG7620SPB, SG7621SP, SN5500EP, SN5500EPB, SN6501EPB, SN7521YPB, ST3521SPBX, ST4610HP, ST5500HP, ST5501EPB, ST5502RPB, ST5600EP, ST6501EPB, ST6502RPB, ST7520EPB, ST7520SP, ST7521E, ST7521EPB, ST7521YPB, ST7521YPBX, WG3501, WG4610HP, WG6501, HG-4610EP, HG-6601SP, HG-7501EPB, HG-7620SPB, HG-7621YPB, HN-4610EP, HN-7501EPB, MG-5502RPB, SG-3500HPB, SG-3501, SG-4501WP, SG-4510HP, SG-4610HP, SG-5500EP, SG-5500EPB, SG-5501EP, SG-5501EPB, SG-5502RP, SG-5502RPB, SG-5600EP, SG-5600EPB, SG-5600SPB, SG-6501, SG-6501EP, SG-6501EPB, SG-6502RP, SG-6502RPB, SG-6520EP, SG-6520EPB, SG-6601SPB, SG-6601SPBX, SG-7520EPB, SG-7521EP, SG-7521YPB, SG-7620EPB, SG-7620SP, SG-7620SPB, SG-7621SP, SN-5500EP, SN-5500EPB, SN-6501EPB, SN-7521YPB, ST-3521SPBX, ST-4610HP, ST-5500HP, ST-5501EPB, ST-5502RPB, ST-5600EP, ST-6501EPB, ST-6502RPB, ST-7520EPB, ST-7520SP, ST-7521E, ST-7521EPB, ST-7521YPB, ST-7521YPBX, WG-3501, WG-4610HP, WG-6501

Replaces Sunbeam Grill Master Part Numbers: 14410194S, 14410210S, or 14410190.

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