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  • Universal MTD Trimmer Blower Fuel Tank Cap

Universal MTD Trimmer Blower Fuel Tank Cap

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Product Description

Use this gas tank cap in the various models of blowers, back pack blowers, hedge clippers, pole saws, stick edgers, and string timmers listed below. This cap will fit on lawn and garden equipment from many different brands, including MTD, Troy Bilt, and Cub Cadet.


  • Includes 1 gas tank cap
  • Also known as gas tank cap, locking gas cap, gas cap, fuel cap
  • Genuine MTD replacement part

Fits Troy Bilt models: TB926B, 41AR926G011, 41AR926G711

Fits MTD models: BB45, 59AG306-195, HB26, 59AF302-195, SE26, 59AA402-195, 19EHC, 59AH202-195, 24HC, 59AC202-195, 30HC, 59AD202-195, 40HC, 59AE202-195, ST23, 59AA101-195, ST26, 59AA102-195, ST35, 59AA104-195

Fits Cub Cadet models: 

Back Pack Blower BB 45-C, 59AG306-050, BB45-C, 59AG306-150
 Back Pack Blower BB 60-C, 59AG308-150, BB60-C
 Double Sided Extended Hedge Clipper 19EHC-C, 59AH202-050, 19EHC-C, 59AH202-150
 Double Sided Hedge Clipper 24HC-C, 59AC202-150, 24 HC-C, 59AC202-050
 Hand Held Blower HB 26-C, 59AF302-150, 59AF302-050, HB26-C
 PS26 Pole Saw, 59AA602-150, 59AA602-050
 Single Sided Hedge Clipper 30HC-C, 30 HC-C, 59AD202-150, 59AD202-050
 Single Sided Hedge Clipper 40HC-C, 40 HC-C, 59AE202-050, 59AE202-150
 Stick Edge SE 26-C, SE26-C, 59AA402-050, 59AA402-150, 59AA402-750
 String Trimmer ST 23-C, 59AA101-150, 59BA101-050, ST 23-C, 59AA101-050, 59BA101-150, 59AA101-750
 String Trimmer ST 26-C, 59AA102-150, 59BA102-050, ST 26-C, 59AA102-050, 59BA102-150, 59AA102-750
 String Trimmer ST 35-C, 59AA104-050, 59AA104-150, ST 35-C, 59AA104-750

Part Numbers: IM-160033201, IM-160033200

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